Therefore, couples who are ready to file for an uncontested divorce will need to wait for 90 days before they start the process. The full list of required documents can be found on our website.
Once your paperwork is completed, you need to send it to your county clerk. He or she will review it and, if you meet any requirements, will invite you to the hearing. You need to present your divorce papers to the court; however, divorce in Arkansas has a maximum capacity of 60 days. After that, your papers will be returned to you. Before the date is set, you should also submit a divorce paper supplement, which contains additional information on children, if applicable. You also need to make copies of all the documents. After the date is set, there will be a chance for a reconsideration. In this case, the petitioner must give you the opportunity to amend the documents. You should not submit new documents until you have dealt with the previous issues.

After dealing with all the necessary procedures, you should send the copies of your documents to your spouse. It should be done either by yourself or your partner. If you are going to divorce online, this means that you are going to pay a lot of money for the service. You will also need to pay for the court filing fees. If you are going to file for divorce in Arkansas, you need to make sure you apply for the change in your family structure. Remember that the divorce process usually is not easy, and you will have to pay a fee for the Arkansas divorce filing fee if you choose to file for divorce in Arkansas without a lawyer. The fee varies from $180 to $260.

Before the divorce is finalized, you should give Arkansas divorce decree status to your spouse. This will let the court better understand the situation and make its decision accordingly. After you are ready to divorce, you must send the documents to your partner. You can do it in two ways: either through the Arkansas Public Enrolled Mail or Arkansas Self-Published Mail. The latter method is more convenient since your papers will be sent directly to your partner while the mailed ones will go to the local sheriff or a county clerk. Your divorce documents will be filed with the court and the decree will be issued within the framework of the existing marriage. If you have reconciled with your spouse, the existing marriage will remain valid and will be considered to be uncontested. The only important thing is to carry out the process successfully and quickly to guarantee yourself a cheap divorce in Arkansas.

DIY divorce in Arkansas: Start from the filing and prepare for the process

When people decide to apply for an uncontested divorce, they mean that they do not want to redo anything during their marriage. And the process is not too complicated in Arkansas. The only important step is to fill out all the Arkansas divorce forms correctly and accurately. If you make any mistakes or use outdated documents, you will need to start the entire process all over again. In this case, the expense will be higher than with the standard option.

The first step for any legal divorce is to file a divorce in Arkansas. This is a step that not only establishes the terms of the divorce but also addresses all the legal demands as well. The filing procedure starts with delivering the divorce papers to the local county court. The papers are then registered and the judge examines them carefully and makes its decision. As soon as the decree is signed by the court, your filing is officially over.

Arkansas divorce forms

After the divorce is officially granted, it is necessary to visit the local clerks office to register your document kit. Here you will also pay the fee for the courts services. It is unclear at what county you should file your papers in Arkansas. However, we do know that the current waiting period of 90 days is the lowest estimate. It is necessary to wait for this period of time until you can get an official letter from the court that confirms the verdict. Then you can start collecting your documents. The entire process starts with completing the form called the Acknowledgment of Service. After that, youll need to bring your document kit to the local clerks office to register them. Then you should wait until your papers are filed with the court. You will then pay the fee and deliver your papers to the answering party. If your papers are not served within the time-frame set by law, you must go to the court and submit your paperwork again.

As soon as your paperwork is done, you need to wait for up to two months before your hearing is carried out. After that you should attend the trial where the judge will quiz you about the reason for the divorce and whether you have kids. If you have kids, the judge will also make a decision regarding the custody of the kids. In Arkansas, alimony is defined as child support.

After filing, you must deliver the papers to the answering party.

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