The benefits of co-parenting are numerous and unfortunately very often hidden. Most people think that it is a good idea to use divorce platforms, such as , to get cheap divorce papers. But the reality is that it has a lot of downsides as well.

First, it depends on the couple to use it. Either you decide to listen to your ex and co-parent together or you go to court and file for divorce yourself. Secondly, if you don’t manage to find the best co-parenting ideas, you will end up alternating between watching your ex and filling out divorce forms yourself.

So, the primary thing to do is to let your ex communicate with his or her children as much as possible. And this can be done through many means, such as:

  • Teaching the children about the outside world
  • Keeping a diary
  • Calling in sick and requesting a meeting
  • Mail and faxing the documents to the children
  • Posting the documents in the family circle
  • Going to the meetings
  • Completing homework

This is not a complete list of how to use co-parenting and how to choose the best appropriate way to do it. There are many more steps and they are not really that difficult. If you are lucky enough to have found a good divorce platform, you will definitely need to do them. Otherwise, there is a risk that the children will not be able to follow the rules of the family.

There is also a risk that the spouses will not be able to follow the rules of the divorce. For that matter, there is a high chance that the children will not be able to stand the rule of the second parent. Therefore, the divorce will not be as easy as it might seem for you.

The Final Thoughts

Regardless of the challenges you face, you should not forget about the benefits of co-parenting. It will allow you to not forget about the children and make them a part of your life. Moreover, you can make the divorce go even easier by providing all the documents that you have on file with the court. If you still have doubts, consult your divorce attorney to find out more about the benefits of joint property and how to handle disagreements with your spouse peacefully.

So, after looking at how to prepare divorce papers for NY and using our experts to help you out, you should be ready to act. The process of do it yourself NY divorce is really easy and can be really beneficial for both sides.

What are the rules of doing it yourself divorce in NY?

Do-it-yourself divorce is usually a no-fault state and the law allows couples to end their official relationship with no legal support. It is necessary to meet these demands to file for divorce in New York. The court will give you the opportunity to seek a divorce in one of the states where you live, and the process of your breakup will be approved without your assistance.

How to start a divorce in NY?

To start filing for divorce in New York, you must fulfill the residency demands and proceed through the following steps:

  1. Find a reliable website that provides free divorce forms in your state.
  2. Sign up on the website and fill out a short questionnaire.
  3. After that, you will receive the papers that you must submit to the court.
  4. Print and sign them.
  5. Wait for the invitation to the hearing.
  6. Attend the hearing and receive the dissolution decree.

How to get a divorce in NY?

To get divorced in NY, you need to go through the simplified procedure, which means that you must resolve all issues in advance and collect the necessary information from your spouse. You must also serve the papers to your spouse and get their responses. It should be done quickly and without unnecessary expenses.

How to get a divorce in NY if I have kids?

The dissolution decree of marriage dissolution will be granted if either of the partners has kids. The judge will look at your case and grant the divorce based on the following factors:

  • Whether your marriage is deniably easy
  • If you have kids, there is no need to present a parenting plan
  • There are no underage kids in your marriage.

If the judge grants your petition, you’ll get the divorce no matter the circumstance.

After you get a dissolution decree, you should register it in the county court. Wait until the appropriate hearing date is fixed and the papers are in your hands. Be ready to answer all the questions the judge may ask you. If you are unable to attend the hearing, your petition will not be accepted by the court.

How do I file for divorce in NY?

You need to visit the clerk’s office in the county court and register the petition. Then you should deliver the papers to the answering party by any accepted way to let them know about the proceedings.

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