Everyone knows that divorce is a tough decision. Not everyone is able to afford to take a chance on a new partner. Moreover, some couples are left in unhappy relationships because they cannot afford to get a complete divorce. However, the costs can be very surprising. For example, you might have heard that lawyers charge a lot for their services. And that is right. The cost of a lawyer is always hidden and everyone knows it. However, as you move on, you will see that the hidden costs are extremely high. For example, you might pay for a lawyer if you have to hire one. In most cases, you will not need one at all. However, if you have to get a divorce in Maryland, then you will need to pay a service charge for the lawyers services. That is estimated at around $200 – $300. And the hidden costs of divorce are much higher still, as they include legal costs. Thus, you will need to get your divorce lawyer in Maryland at a very high price. However, there is a way to make this process cheaper and easier. We are going to look at this question in more detail in the course of the next weeks.

Comparing the costs of divorce in Maryland and across the country

So, if you are going to get divorced in Maryland, is it cheaper than in the surrounding counties? Unfortunately, no, not at all. The reason for that is the fact that in each of the surrounding counties you will find one or two expensive divorces, which are clearly not worth the money. The best way to find the ones that are not worth the money is to get your divorce attorney to look through them. Moreover, there are many more affordable ways to get divorced in Maryland than there are during the course of a year. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap divorce in Maryland, this is the best place to look. Even though the cost of divorce in Maryland may vary from one region to another, you will have to pay the filing fee of $167 if you do not want to save money. Another $25 will be charged by the person collecting the documents for your divorce. Total: $25 – $50 for the papers are based on the assumption that each plaintiff has their own circumstances, and the cost of the entire process is $25 – $50 for the lawyer and his or her client.

How to file for divorce in Maryland without a lawyer?

Every case is accompanied by a unique set of circumstances that determine the proceedings you have to go through on the way to the divorce. Still, there are some standard steps that you should take regardless of the case.

In general, before you start the divorce process, you should prepare specific documents that will be accepted by the court. After you know you are eligible for the online or traditional procedure, you should file a decree or petition. The first valid form of divorce was the petition of marriage dissolution, which was accepted by the court after you provided all the required papers. It is important to check if the documents are filled out correctly to start the divorce process.

When the documents are submitted to the court, you need to pay a fee. The precise amount of money you will have to pay depends on the variant of the divorce you are filing for. The rate for the contested type is 10 times higher than the rate for the uncontested type. In Maryland, the fee for divorce is estimated at $535. It is worth mentioning that if the court is unable to reach a compromise on the terms, the fee will be higher.

Once the decree or petition is signed, you need to send the copies to your partner. It should be done in person by a notary. However, if you are filing for the petition of marriage dissolution, it is necessary to send the documents by mail. It will take at least 30 days for the judge to review the documents. After that you need to deliver the copies to your spouse.

If you are filing for divorce online, this is the easiest solution because you will only need to send the documents to your partner. Also, you wont need to appear in front of the court to get the papers validated.

How to divorce in Maryland?

Going through the divorce process is always a stressful and emotionally draining experience. It requires a strong will to move on and make your life happy. However, the moment you start thinking about the divorce you have to complete it. There are several ways to divorce in Maryland, but the most common way is to go without a lawyer. This will allow you to deal with the process without making any crucial decisions and incur no legal costs.

Use online divorce services – if you cannot afford expensive lawyers but still have some decent resources, it is the best to apply for online divorce. Online divorce services are institutions that will help you get a cheap divorce. They will not only help you with the preparation of divorce documents but also provide you with a set of instructions on the appropriate behaviour of your case in the court.

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