Being in the grey area between divorce and norm divorced life is quite common nowadays. The former situation is defined by the complete absence of a certain background or preconceptions. An ordinary divorced couple is no longer married, so on the one hand it is normal to say that they do not have a common property or have children. When dividing marital assets or property, the juridical definition of marital dependency is crossed out. This definition does not allow quick divorce in Montana. There is only a short-term solution to this problem. The joint petition is the best option when the spouses do not have minor children. It is possible to file for divorce in Montana without a lawyer. The issue is that the new law does not allow the couple to choose between these two options. Therefore, the only prudent option is to choose a divorce and put up with the process of law. The next logical step after divorce is remarriage. Still, there are cases when the procedure becomes unavoidable. In these cases, couples have to go through a few steps, which are supposed to clear up any doubts or problems.

First, the petitioner (the person starting the divorce) has to prove that the other spouse is to blame for the divorce. There are three essential elements to this argument:

  • The statements of the petitioner are true.
  • The statements need to be provided in written form.
  • The statements should be given in written form in the presence of a notary.
  • The petitioner also needs to provide two copies of the affidavits of attorney.
  • Finally, the petitioner must send the copies of the documents to his/her spouse.

If the above requirements are met, the couple is ready to complete the necessary documentation. After the paperwork is done, the petitioner can submit the documents for review. The court will give the judges report on the case. After the case is closed, both spouses need to appear before the court. After the hearing, the petitioner needs to wait for at least 30 days. After that the petitioner can submit the documents for further proceedings. After that the period of temporary marriage invalidity may be granted.

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We do understand that making divorce filings in Montana difficult may lead to lots of unwanted costs. That is why we have created a full list of Montana divorce forms, where you can find the necessary forms and instructions, as well as the necessary explanations and tips. If you still have any questions, just let our experts know and youll get a professional consultation regarding your particular situation.

Needed for Montana dissolution of marriage

Even if you are about to end your official relationship, you should understand that the process of its cancellation is not without precedent in Montana. As long as the couple has to be able to find a common ground on all issues concerning their future, the best solution would be to resolve all disagreements peacefully and calmly. We are your best online divorce service for a fast and successful dissolution of marriage.

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We are not sure that the requirements for creating a profile for divorce in Montana as opposed to other states make it easier for couples to end their relationships legally. Still, if you decide to get divorced in Montana, you surely dont miss the opportunity to save yourself from unnecessary costs and unnecessary stress.

Needed for preparing Montana dissolution of marriage forms

Despite the fact that the actual procedure takes at least several weeks, you surely dont want to wait this much time because you want to make sure that you have everything done correctly. If you are getting divorced in Montana, you surely dont want to sit on your case until the last possible moment. Therefore, making a decision to get legal assistance with dissolution of marriage is definitely not a cheap option.

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The process of the online divorce for a divorce is only possible if you are either planning to have an uncontested legal breakup or you are the Plaintiff of an uncontested divorce. If you are filing for uncontested divorce, you can get a divorce in Montana without a lawyer as easily and effortlessly as possible. If you choose to get an online divorce for Montana residents, the only requirement is to resolve all issues peacefully and calmly with your spouse. Our service will happily assist you with all the necessary documentation and assistance throughout the process.

Do-it-yourself divorce for Montana residents

If you are planning to have an online divorce for Montana residents, you should already understand that the legal breakup is a relatively straightforward process. It requires little effort and is very straightforward to prepare. The only thing you might need to do is to submit the respective set of divorce papers for Montana dissolution of marriage forms. However, if you are unable to do this, you will not be required to do so. Please note that the decision to submit the papers online is subject to a waiting period which varies from three months to half a year.

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