It is impossible to create a family with 100% certainty. Nevertheless, there is a chance that all the stresses and uncertainties can be managed so as not to affect the stability of the family unit.

All divorcees have doubts, so, getting ready for divorce is not the easiest task. However, there is no reason for any divorcing to be in a hurry. The most reasonable and rational way to get through this difficult stage of your life is to plan and prepare for the most advance stages of the divorce.

In this case, you will definitely be able to agree on the needs and charges for childcare, joint debts, division of property, etc. You just have to go to the local administrative bureau and get all the necessary forms. Even if you are not at the stage of divorce where you can certify an agreement, you still need to provide financial statements to confirm your financial situation. Then you can file for divorce and put your agreement in motion.

Before you decide to divorce, you need to make sure that there is no possibility for you to extricate yourself. There are several steps to divorce in Montana, after you deliver the complaint to the administrative body:

  1. Check if there is an opportunity to extricate yourself through the fault of another party in the family unit.
  2. Choose the method to extricate yourself, which is the most suitable for you according to your specific situation.
  3. In case you claim that you cannot extricate yourself due to the presence of your spouse, you need to provide proof that he or she acts contrary to your wishes.
  4. Fill out the questionnaire on our website to create your profile.
  5. Print out the documents that you have completed and signed.
  6. Visit a notary to verify your documents.
  7. Bring the document package to the clerks’ office to register them.
  8. Pay the filing fee and receive your divorce decree.
  9. Print out the petition and the related forms if you need additional ones.
  10. Sign and file them.
  11. The last step is attending a hearing where the judge will check whether all the paperwork is completed.

How to get a divorce in Montana

The question of marriage dissolution has been arising more and more often in the state of Montana lately. Although the total number of divorces is quite low in comparison to other states, the level of divorces is still marked by a lot of changes. The most significant thing is the fact that the number of the contested divorce filings in Montana is higher than the average. Another important statistic is that the Montana divorce rate is significantly higher than the national average. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center stated that in the United States, the rate of the second-tier marriages with children was 13.4% in Montana and was higher in some states, including Wyoming where it was 16.1%. According to the latest data, the rate of the second-tier marriages with children in Montana is 3.4% which is not that much of a difference to say the least.

How to divorce in Montana?

If you are planning to dissolve your official relationship in Montana, you should take the following steps:

  1. Find a witness. If you have children, this is the only step that you should take.
  2. Get the consent of your partner. After that, you need to bring the documents to the clerks office of the county where you or your partner lives.
  3. Pay the filing fees. After that, you need to print out the papers, sign them, and send them to your partner.

In most cases, you will be required to attend a hearing where the judge will check whether all the paperwork is completed.

If you are going to have an uncontested divorce, this process will be much easier. You will just need to send the documents to your spouse by themselves, without any assistance.

If you have decided to divorce in this state, you should take the following steps:

  1. Choose a cause. It should be a no-fault reason that indicates the irreproachable breakdown of the marriage. Please note that Montana is considered a no-fault state so you do not need to prove that your spouse is not culpable for anything.
  2. Find a witness. You need to find a person who can confirm that your partner is not culpable for any misdeeds.
  3. Request a divorce. You need to file the documents with the court, deliver them to the answering party, and attend the hearing.
  4. Finalize the process. The last step is to pay the fee for filing. It differs from county to county, so you will need to contact the clerks office directly to find out the precise rate.

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