When people decide to marry, they are willing to put their faith and savings in the relationship. However, as soon as they start preparing divorce papers, they realize that they have to pay a lot for the ceremony. So, the first thing they should do is get rid of. Filing for divorce is a long and complicated process with many expenses. Usually, couples need to cover all the required divorce fees in order to get a divorce. And most of those expenses can be quite hard to deal with. Some couples even need to hire lawyers to deal with the case. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and can easily find a compromise with your spouse, you can easily avoid hiring a lawyer. Instead, you can easily reduce the cost of your divorce with the help of online services.

The average cost of divorce in Wisconsin is around $3,000. That is why we advise you to look for a cheaper alternative to get the done deal quicker. The issue is that contested and fault-based cases require meticulous consideration in court, so it is always challenging to find a sympathetic ear in the long and complicated process of divorce. In this case, it is crucial to find a compromise with your spouse so that you can move on with the process quickly and with little stress.

How to Get a Divorce in Wisconsin

Going through the painful process of divorce can be pretty much mentally and financially challenging. However, there is a great solution that was developed to make your life easier.

It is no surprise that divorce is a very stressful and overwhelming process. You may be facing many stressful situations and low self-esteem after a divorce. And some people just can not overcome the challenges and end up being disappointed and sad about their situation. However, there is a better alternative. You can still get divorced if you meet the requirements and qualify for this process.

To get divorced in Wisconsin, you must go through the entire process of divorce individually, but also take into account all the requirements of the local laws. After you complete the necessary documentation, you must submit it to the local court. The first thing that you should keep in mind is the residency requirements. The court will look at your permanent home to see if you meet the requirements for divorce in Wisconsin. In addition, you must also submit documents that apply to your common or shared property. If you are filing for divorce in Wisconsin, you are likely to be required to submit an affidavit of the division of your responsibilities and rights after the divorce.

Going through the divorce process in Wisconsin is usually a enlightening and smooth experience. The whole process will require you to have a great deal of patience and knowledge to avoid making the most common mistakes and experiencing unnecessary difficulties. Still, there are some standard steps that you are likely to need to take regardless of the circumstance.

To start with, you should be familiar with the basic rules of Wisconsin divorce law. The first requirement is that the petitioning spouse must reside in Wisconsin for at least 180 days before filing for divorce. Another important condition is that the spouses must be married for a year before filing for divorce. In other words, if you are not getting married anymore, you do not have to start the divorce process. The only possible ground for getting divorced in this state is irretrievable breakdown.

The actual Wisconsin divorce process may vary depending on the particular situation you are experiencing. At one extreme, couples may be separated for years and live in separate houses. In this case, the uncontested dissolution of marriage is not possible. Another form of divorce that may be required depending on the circumstance is the Mutual Life Span Extension, or if you have lived in the state for at least two years before starting the process.

Divorce paperwork in Wisconsin

If you wish to file for a divorce online in Wisconsin, you should come to an agreement with your spouse on the following:

  • Post-divorce rehabilitation and residential care
  • Parenting and childcare
  • Spousal support
  • Uncontested divorce (for those who do not have underage kids)
  • Separation of real estate (if there are any)
  • The division of debts and possessions.

Note that all these rules are mutually satisfying for both parties. If you and your spouse want to end up your marriage, you should be ready to provide proof that you are ready to pay the legal costs associated with divorce in Wisconsin. In this case, the judge will see your ability to come to terms and grant the decree.

However, there are some other important issues that you should keep in mind if you are planning to divorce in this state.

The First Issue is that You Cannot Sue for Divorce in the State

Even if you are planning to get an online divorce in Wisconsin, you still must go through the normal contested divorce process. This means that you and your partner must be present in the state for the last 48 hours before you start the process.

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