Everyone who applies for the dissolution of marriage knows that the cost can be considerable. The Court Clerk estimates the cost of filing for divorce in Ontario at $7,500. This is according to the most up-to-date information available on the official website of the court. However, the average cost of divorce in Ontario may vary greatly. The cost of a lawyers services is $15,000, which includes filing and mediation. Meanwhile, the average cost of defending the claim in court is $8,700. Thus, the cost of defending a claim for dissolution of marriage is quite unpredictable and it depends on the specifics of each case.

How to Calculate the Estimated Cost of Divorce in Ontario?

If you calculate the total cost of dissolution of marriage, you will be able to determine how much is it worth to you? It is worth noting that the total cost of divorce in Ontario does not include attorneys fees, which are estimated at $180 per hour. If you decide to hire a lawyer, you will pay them on an hourly basis.

You need to estimate the total cost of divorce in order to get a better understanding of how much it costs to defend your marriage in court. The average cost of defending a marriage in court is $13,600, which includes lawyers services. Therefore, the total cost to defend a marriage is $13,600 plus $9,900 for attorneys assistance, divided equally.

How to Determine the Cost of Divorce in Ontario?

When you decide to divorce, you need to be sure that you have identified the right thing, which is the cost of your dissolution of marriage. It is worth noting that the eligibility criteria for divorce vary from one county to another. As a rule, you can get the dissolution of marriage in Ontario with a cost of $7,500, but the actual cost of the procedure will be higher.

Let us say, the eligibility criteria for an uncontested dissolution of marriage include:

  1. No pregnancy at the time of the process
  2. No cases of domestic violence
  3. Being married for 12 months or more before starting the case
  4. No cases of compulsive eating that makes it impossible for one of the partners to live with them.

If these criteria are met, you can proceed with your case. You need to find out more about how to calculate the total cost of dissolution of marriage in Ontario. The following steps are taken when you start the preparation of your documents:

  1. Find out where youll file the case
  2. Prepare the documents for submission to the court
  3. Submit the petition and supporting divorce forms
  4. The document sample for your case is chosen
  5. The complaint is written and the supporting questions are researched
  6. The copy of the petition is sent to your partner
  7. The answering party is notified about the proceedings
  8. The separation is finalized.

The average cost of divorce in Ontario is $12,500, which includes the filing fees for divorce in Ontario of $150. If you are asked to pay some other fees, your total will be $18,500 as they include the judge fees set by the provincial government.

How to Get a Divorce in Ontario

To bring your union and your couple to the next level, its necessary to select specific steps that will be mandatory for you. By doing so you can make the process of the legal breakup less painful and complicated.

Ontario divorce forms

Along with the petition for dissolution you must complete the following documents:

  • Financial statements
  • Documents concerning your property
  • Petition for child support
  • Acknowledgment of service
  • Affidavit of service
  • Financial statements for the spouse

If you are unable to reach your spouse, you can apply for an uncontested divorce which will let you finalize the matter quicker and with less effort.

If you wish to file for divorce online in Ontario, you should meet the eligibility criteria and complete all the requirements applicable to your case. You should also submit the documents to the court located in the county where either of you resides. The court will investigate your case and grant the divorce or discuss your case with your partner and try to find solutions on their own.

If you are filing for divorce online in Ontario, its important to make sure you provide the paperwork to the right courthouse. If you do something wrong and cannot reach your spouse, you can apply for a rehearing. This will give you another chance to get a divorce with no complications.

Rehearsal of hearing

The next step after you complete the prepared documents and papers is to attend the hearing. It is a short interview where the judge will evaluate your case and make appropriate decisions. The duration of the hearing depends on the availability of joint property and children. If there is no disagreement between the spouses, the divorce is granted. If there is an absolute agreement between the partners, the divorce is denied.

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