The process of filing for divorce in Utah without a lawyer involves several steps. The first step is to prepare a complaint for the case. A complaint is a written document containing information about the parties, the case they are going to handle, and the demands they have for the divorce. When you send a complaint to the court, it means that you want the court to consider your separation uncontested. Thus, the judge will not have to consider your case for a longer time or make a decision on your case complexity. The next step is to deliver the complaint to your spouse. Again, you can do this in several ways, such as in person, by mail, by the sheriffs office, etc. Note that it is obligatory to deliver the complaint to your spouse if you are going to have a trial. In Utah, divorce without a lawyer is not a mandatory condition.

Divorce without a lawyer required condition

However, if you consider Utah divorce without legal assistance to be a no-fault state, divorce without a lawyer is not obligatory. There are many cases, when spouses decide to end their relationships and opt for divorce, when they dispute the allegations of their partners. In such a situation, the judge may need to study the specifics of the case and make its resolution. But if you do not have doubts, you may choose the simpler way of getting a Utah divorce without legal assistance.

For example, if partners have children, the state will take into account numerous factors, such as the presence or absence of joint property, financial problems, and health problems of the spouses. Also, the decision to end your relationships may be related to issues of:

  • Adultery or infidelity
  • Violence or addiction
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Incompatibility
  • Injustice
  • Unreasonable behavior or cruelty
  • Embezzlement.

In Utah, there is also a requirement to attend a special training session about the legal aspects of family law. This training is called at the time of divorce, and it is mandatory for all couples who want to get divorced. It is also worth mentioning that Utah divorce regulations require couples to serve their divorce papers in a certain way so as not to create any unnecessary problems for themselves.

Temporary marriage licenses are also issued in Utah. They are valid for up to 180 days. They are valid for both the petitioner and the respondent. If the spouses have kids under 18 years old, the latter must get a special permission to marry which may vary from one couple to another.

Difficulties in proving your partners fault for the divorce

Utah divorce is not easy. It requires diligent investigation, negotiation and good preparation. Yet, you can be sure that if you choose an uncontested divorce option, you will get through the whole process quickly and with little effort. We can assist you with all your divorce paperwork and provide you with all the documents needed to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Bring Your Case to the Next Step

The next step is to bring your case to the court. It consists of completing the necessary paperwork, delivering it to the courthouse, and receiving the final document, which must be signed and submitted to the court.

As you finish up with the uncontested type of divorce, you will not have to visit multiple hearings in front of the judge and will not need to appear in front of the court several times before the final decision is made. Therefore, you can be sure that everything will be done quickly and must be carefully considered by the court.

Utah divorce online offering

Looking for a way to break the bonds of matrimony and get a divorce in Utah? We are ready to help!

Looking for a simple way to file for divorce in Utah? We are ready to help!

Getting a divorce in Utah without legal assistance (Utah)

There are still some things you should know about filing for divorce in Utah without a lawyer. The first is that the uncontested type of divorce is not a standard option for everyone getting a divorce. It is necessary to meet certain requirements that apply to all divorce cases in Utah. These requirements include:

  • The wife should not be pregnant
  • The couple should not have minor children (both biological and adopted)
  • One of the spouses should have lived in Utah for the last six months before applying for divorce
  • Both spouses should have no disagreements about the division of property or debts
  • There are no arguments about alimony, child support and insurance
  • There is no need for an absolute bond between husband and wife
  • There is no talk of getting a divorce because of the incompatibility of the spouses.

Filing for divorce in Utah

The next step after the petitioners is to file the documents with the local court. You must submit the papers to the courthouse. When you are ready, the period of waiting for the decision is over.

However, if you are undergoing a contested divorce, it might be necessary to attend multiple hearings.

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