If you are always going to get a divorce, then it is time to think about filing for something else. You may already know this, but if you have a deadbeat partner it may be necessary to submit a new affidavit that will specify the following things:

  • The date and place of the marriage termination;
  • The name of the defendant;
  • The city where the marriage occurred;
  • Grounds for divorce;
  • Parties with property;
  • Separate bank accounts of both spouses;
  • Information about the age and health of each spouse;
  • Combined financial statements of both spouses.

If there are children in the marriage, the court will require the parents to attend a parenting class, and if this class is needed, it will require a separate certificate. Therefore, make sure that you get a copy of all the papers that apply to your case.

When the papers are completed, you need to send them to your partner. There is no need to send documents to the address where you or your partner resides. However, if you are going to divorce in this state, it is important to send copies to your spouse as soon as possible.

Also, you or your partner may be required to appear in court. Therefore, you need to send all the papers to the specified address, and when this is done, the judge will review them and finalize your divorce.

When the documents are submitted to the court, it is time to serve them to your partner. Here you will also pay the fee for the service. Again, there is no need to send the papers to your spouse personally; however, it is better to post the papers in a certain place, for example, in your own house. When your partner receives copies, you need to notify him or her by phone or email.

After the judge reviews all the documents and makes his or her decision, you need to appear in court and receive a certificate of divorce. After that, you need to go to the local administrative body and get your divorce packet fixed. You will also have to pay a service charge.

If you are finally ready to dissolve your marriage, you need to file the documents with the relevant administrative body. You can do this by taking the following steps:

  • Check whether you satisfy all the requirements
  • Create a settlement agreement in which you detail how all the issues you want to solve will be addressed
  • Pay the fee for submitting the claim
  • Fill out the formularies
  • Request the judge to grant your divorce
  • Wait for the appropriate decision to be issued.

When the divorce is finalized by the judge, you need to seek a decree from the court so that the decree can be sent to all your registered addresses. Then you need to appear in front of the relevant administrative body to get the certificate of marriage dissolution. Keep in mind that the judge may ask you to present your divorce kit for further investigation.

Online Divorce Kentucky

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Anyway, the best option is to get divorce papers online and try to sort out all the problems on your own. This will let you avoid the problems related to dealing with the court and bureaucracy, as well as getting your divorce papers in time. It will also let you finalize the process faster and with less stress so that you can concentrate on your mental and physical health issues. If you are finally ready to get divorced, you can get divorced through the Internet at our dedicated service for Kentucky divorcing couples.

Getting a divorce in Kentucky

Once the partners have decided to conduct an uncontested divorce, they need to identify specific issues to resolve with their spouse and get divorced with minimal stress and fuss.

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