When the State is Involved in the Divorce Process

Every American state has a unique set of legal regulations that determine the divorce laws. There is no general formula to follow and no legal rules that all divorce cases should follow. However, there is a certain pattern or set of circumstances under which a divorce may be granted based on the residency of the spouses. For instance, if the spouses have lived in the state for at least half a year before filing, the case will be granted even if one of them has lived in another state for at least three months before starting the divorce process.

If the couples have kids, the situation becomes more difficult. There, the judge may require the kids to stay with one of the parents for a certain period before the decision is made. Thus, the duration of stay with the kid should not be less than two years. Moreover, the judge should be informed that there is a possibility for the kids to be taken to another state for a longer period.

There are also other concerns that can influence the duration of the divorce process. They include the presence of joint property, debts, and assets. Also, there is the issue of childrens visitation and alimony.

How to Protect Yourself Via Technology in a Divorce

With the Internet and social media being an inherent part of our daily life, it is obvious why our screen time is growing higher and our online behavior is becoming stricter. We tend to share everything with our followers and even more so with our parents and grandparents.

But still, there is always your spouse who can tell something untoward about your spouse online. So, do not put your best foot forward in front of your spouse and make sure that you use all the available tools to get a divorce with the least loss to your reputation and with the least waste of time and money.

The only condition that is compulsory for spouses is to hire a lawyer. Otherwise, they will simply move on with their case without any support.

Modern Technology Issues that Affect Divorce

Today, there is more and more research on various social media and online behaviors that can influence a person during and after a divorce. It turns out that some users are more interested in dating and having a good relationship with online friends than in the actual process of divorce.

It also turns out that some problems with technology are unique only in their users. Even those who have never used them, know that there is a lot to like in this sphere. However, there are still some problems that affect everyone, no matter whether they are using a mobile phone or a laptop. Here are some of them.


The most obvious issue is the fact that most people are addicted to texting. There is no way one can resist it. Even those who have never used one, knows that it is a very comfortable thing to write about. And that is easy to understand. After all, what would you expect from a document that can give you the right to write about everything in the family? Well, what is even more surprising is the fact that the number of texts that are written about the family topics is growing rapidly.

For example, one of the most popular conversations in the families is about the shared property. A recent study showed that when the spouses are not speaking on the phone, the children are not asking about the things, so there is a risk that the conversation will come between those who are close to each other and those who are not. Moreover, some of the questions that are asked online are related to the shared property and children. Let us say, someone says that someone bought the family a car, and someone else says that the family spends too much time with both parents.

Teens are also very susceptible to the influence of social media by showing the greatest number of posts about the spouse. For example, someone announces their new hobby on a social media platform and instantly it becomes a topic of discussion. In addition, someone posts a picture of them at a fancy restaurant and gets a laugh. In general, people become more and more dependent on their smartphones, as they are able to access all of the information that they need from anywhere.

However, there are times when we can see the problem of social media using its power in a different way. For example, one of the most popular reasons for divorce among young people is the fact that they are not able to see the real value of the marriage. As soon as they get to a point where they have to divorce, it all comes crashing down. Therefore, we are looking at a situation where the young generation does not see the value of the marriage. Moreover, they see that it is extremely easy to divorce online. Therefore, they tend to use the cheap online divorce services instead of getting real answers to the questions about the value of the marriage and divorce. This article is here to give you some insight into the situation that is going on in the marriages today.

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