Divorce is a serious decision that will profoundly change your life. Unfortunately, the risk of relapse is high and it is important to be prepared for this. It is vital to be able to distinguish the danger and not fall into the trap of paranoia.

Unfortunately, the risk of relapse does not only affect women. Many divorced men underestimate the seriousness of the problem and therefore consider it too easy to recover from alcoholism. Most men think that they can solve it on their own and that divorce is a step in a long-term recovery. However, current research indicates that almost half (50%) of all cases of relapse during recovery are related to alcohol. And here another factor plays an important role. It is worth mentioning that the risk of relapse does not only appear during the recovery process but also persists long after the divorce is finished.

Acute stress response – alcohol weakens the central nervous system (brain). During the prolonged stress response, the person is very vulnerable and can easily forget about reality. In addition, alcohol abuse causes a condition of intense emotional arousal which can drive a person crazy.

Physical and mental abuse – physical and mental abuse are very common during and after the divorce. The abuser will be interested in you to forget about your ex-spouse and continue the abuse. Also, the fear of alcohol abusing may drive a person to drink and gamble. In general, the fear of alcohol abuse will make it impossible to abstain from alcohol abuse and help will not be effective.

If you are on the way to the divorce, you need to understand that the divorce will not save you but only make you wait for a while. Do not drown in the past, don’t drown in the present, and don’t drown in the future.

How to Prevent a Relapse

You cannot be one hundred percent sure whether you will one day again be in the same situation when you decide to marry or not. You can only try to prevent it and, in the end, manage your emotions. There is no universal recipe for how to prevent a relapse, nor is there a simple way to start a cure. You will have to learn how to recognize and handle your emotions in advance and put in all efforts to live a happy life.

Your marriage has caused a lot of damage to your life. Therefore, it is urgent to get rid of it for the sake of your own interests, and not for the second chance. You have to develop a plan for your own recovery and put in all efforts to reach it.

Take Care of Yourself

Most likely, in the last few years, you have felt the pinch of stress and all the complications of modern life. So, it is no wonder that your overall health suffers a lot. It is no secret that a divorce profoundly changes both your life and the life of your ex-husband or wife. Going through such a process is far from a pleasant option. It may leave you devastated, without a thing to live for, and leave a mark on your life that will never go away.

So, it is important to get back to basics and start doing something for your body. You can either skip it and die alone, or you can find a way to make your life better and get back on track. Being in an unhappy marriage is not always a happy ending.

Prepare For Life Afterwards

Filling out divorce court forms you should clearly realize what is awaiting afterwards. Get ready to experience minor differences in routine and crucial changes in life.

The biggest issue is the financial difference you will experience. If you didn’t use to work, you will likely find a job to supply yourself or maybe you will have to change your workplace since your budget will depend solely on you. Or maybe you will simply have to move to a new house and there is no possibility to stay in the old one. All these and other issues will decide your budget.

There is no need to be in an unhappy marriage to recover from divorce. It is just fine if you don’t feel it and your previous relationships have ended. Even if you have tons of negative emotions and don’t want to move on, you should prepare yourself emotionally and physically. Yet, if you are already in the final stages of divorce and don’t want everything to end any time soon, we would recommend you to get some professional help. It is crucial to heal yourself emotionally and physically, yet, still, remember to talk to your partner’s counsel and do your best to find solutions together.

Going through the divorce will not hurt you as much as a normal breakup would. However, you will still be left in the dark, so it is best to stay away from unnecessary emotions and do your best to heal yourself.

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