Grounds for divorce in Michigan

When it comes to the legal breakup, all the spouses should point out the grounds for divorce in Michigan. What does it mean? It means that you will need to specify the real reasons for the dissolution of marriage. It is important to choose the right reason since this aspect has a great impact on the divorce process. According to the state’s laws, there are only 7 main grounds for divorce Michigan. These are no-fault and fault grounds for the legal breakup. In most cases, picking up a no-fault option will help you to complete the breakup process within the shortest terms.

Michigan grounds for divorce: Choose the most suitable option

There are 3 no-fault grounds for divorce in Michigan. So, it will not be difficult to choose, which one suits perfectly your divorce.

– Insupportability. This option is also known as “irreconcilable differences” This means you have been having serious conflicts with your spouse, as well as your marriage is no longer intolerable. By the way, this point is one of the most widely used Michigan grounds for divorce.

– Living apart. If you have been living apart for over 3 years, this option might become the right reason for your legal breakup.

– Confinement to a mental hospital. This option is one of the uncommon reasons for divorce in the state since it requires significant proof.

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4 easy steps in a divorce

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